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First Responders Collection

We are excited to release this unique First Responders Collection. It includes the Thin Blue Line Cross Necklace, the Personalized Thin Blue Line Leather Bracelet, the Thin Red Line Cross Necklace, and the Personalized Thin Red Line Leather Bracelet. All represent our First Responders and what our Savior endured! 

These pieces were inspired by the brave women and men who live to serve others. Show your faith and support for the those who have a passion to help others, run towards danger when we need them, and who live to serve.

With every material representing what our Savior endured, these Cross necklaces and bracelets are a great way to show your faith and acknowledge how much you are always worth and loved no matter what. Your Cross pendant is made for you with precision craftsmanship right here in the USA! Every women and mens cross necklace includes a motivation/inspiration message, a scripture, and the three material explanation, making them an awesome Christian Gift, Police Officer Gift, Firefighter Gift, Police Graduation Gift, Firefighter Graduation Gift, Law Enforcement Gift, Fireman Gift, Officer Prayer Gift, or a Firefighter Prayer Gift.